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Finding love, especially in todays world, can be quite a task, with the interactions that happen on a daily most of which prove to be quite unsuitable due to the uncertainties of traditional encounters. Dating sites can however help you do away with this never ending back and forth. This back and forth can be very unappealing, especially if we already know what we want. Sometimes what we are seeking may not be what the other party is interested in, but thanks to on-line dating sites like Fuego de Vida, that could soon be a thing of the past for you.


Fuego de Vida translates into; The fire of life, we all need that warmth every so often or at least once in a while. Fuego de vida is not only discrete, it is also a straightforward website that provides a platform for Men/Women/Couples/Trans gender/Gay individuals to find someone with the same interest as they do. The site was up and running in 2004 and is still a major site for different needs ranging from long-term relationships or arrangements, to just casual encounters. It serves most regions in Latin America, so if you are situated in this region you are likely to benefit more. 


Apart from being inviting, the site is very user friendly and quite easy to maneuver. Registration is absolutely free and this is indicated clearly on the registration task bar. Setting up an account is as well a piece of cake, with minimal, easy to remember login credentials which include;

- Your sex and that of the will be partner.- Your Birth date in order to make matching easier.- Region in which you are situated(supposedly for easy pairing/coupling)- Email address(not published on the site) and preferable user-name(what everyone else will see as your identity).- Finally, a password to secure your account a well as personal information.

Just like any mail registration website, you will need to confirm your account via the link sent to your email. This is of course the final registration step before you can login and start exploring the site.


1. Simplicity

The Site is built with few functions that make it easy to operate as there are only few essential functions as opposed to saving through chunks of multiple categories and data.

2. Direct Inbox Chats

This feature ensures that communication between parties is instantaneous and also remains private. This is the ultimate purpose of the site and its users hence, discretion is taken in high regard and guaranteed.

3. The Bulletin Board

This feature acts as a notification platform that lets us know whenever we have a notification which can only be viewed and responded to by us. This same feature also allows us to leave messages and ensures that the other parties can only respond us.

4. The birthday feature

It allows for parties to have something to kick-start conversations easily without trying too hard to break the ice like on normal conversations. This also allows parties to share stories as well as interact to narrow down on the person that they truly seek.

5. Panic Button

This feature allows a party/user to safeguard their privacy in a fast but secure way. This is just an additional feature to stress the privacy which is already taken care of by nickname and anonymity function. It may also be a way to act fast if your security is compromised.


1. Anonymity of your data is guaranteed and upheld by enabling you to use a password protected mode of keeping chats and photos private.

2. Trusted Site - It is one of the most busy sites with a total user population of about 6 million. This keeps them on check as well as provides an avenue for everyone to meet a new person who suits them.

3. 100% Anonymous profile ensures we are comfortable and confident of our security while interacting with others until we are sure that we want something more or at least to meet them. Also everything we post on the site is registered under our nickname or appears as anonymous.

4. Telephone Support, This simply allows a medium of direct contacts to provide personalized help that you may require. In case you are unable to use a feature or complete a function, or even carry out specialized functions.



- Bronze Account

This is the default account that allows the user to joint the website free of charge, and access to most of the function.

- Silver Subscription

This subscription allows you to unlimited and unrestricted way but only gives the user a 3day trial period to test the site and the functions as well.

the rates for this account are as follows;

3 days trial 5 Euros
1 month 30 Euros
3 months 22.33 Euros

- Gold Subscription

Most suited for the very erotic users as all features and functions are active. Besides all the inclusive Bronze and Silver options, it also has an erotic Bonus that lacks in Both Silver and Bronze.

The rates for this account are listed below;

1 month; 40 Euros
3 months, 30 Euros
1 year; 17.5 Eros 

Advantages of Fuego de Vida

1. Large number of users everyday/week.2. Proper use and technological updates which ensures the safety and privacy of their users.3. Effective features that lots of people are comfortable using.4. Fun and easy to use platform as well as functions.5. The chance to meet new people.6. Acts as a fun that propels the people we desire closer to us without having to go through or chat through the whole database as the requirements are already narrowed down for us thus saving us time, resources, energy and a good deal of unnecessary turmoil.


judging by the number of people that visit the site is it vivid that Fuego de Vida has done its homework by ensuring that its users have safe discrete encounters without compromising on their users security. This goes to explain why they have a large number of people in their database and their popularity. considering the area covered by this website the following as well as the number of years they have been around. They are definitely reliable and likely to meet a variety of expectations. 

Publicado en January 18, 2017