Information about MobiFriends in English

Since the beginning of the internet it has become easier for people to meet others who share their experiences and attitudes. In fact, the market for online dating has been saturated with websites such as Fuego de Vida, Mobifriends and Spanish Hearts that provide a means for people to come together for friendships and potentially more. There are ever more sources available to make meeting Hispanic, Latin and Spanish connections easier, regardless of sexual orientation. 

You may be reading this and feeling a little overwhelmed, but do not worry, we have all been there. You know that time of day you, maybe somewhere after getting home from work and before eating dinner at a table set for one.Maybe you are thinking what went wrong, why am I alone, will anyone ever love me? 

Obviously, you do not need me to tell you that this is an error of logic that comes from the human need to connect with another.Be it romantic, platonic or physical, humans are social creatures and everyone wants and deserves, to feel close to another. There is nothing wrong with you, trust me. To find people that share your passions, your interests, your culture. Harder still to find those you care about, and care about you in return so far. 

This is where Mobifriends and the rest come in to play; and the options are almost endless. Scrolling through each one may leave you feeling daunted and more alone than ever, so I have decided to make your life a little easier and provide a short summary of some the available resources and how you can choose where you fit best. 

Let us start with eHarmony the standard dating service that you would have seen the advertisements for almost everywhere. It provides a very clean cut service wherein you get exactly what you want to put in. It literally says “Our bold, scientific approach to matching means more quality dates with deeply compatible singles that truly understand you”. This however, does not make it stand out from the other options. True, it is easy to access. Yes, it has a vast interface with many users and a tried and tested algorithm for matching people, but at the end of the day it is very easy to get lost in the ocean with so many fish. If you are timid yet serious about making a connection, this is a good place to go, just be warned that with so much publicity there are always sharks in fish-clothing.

Another example would be Spanish Hearts. This is a website with a vast user-base worldwide and is an ideal place to start for those new to game. People provide the classic images and descriptions (physical and personal) because there is no etiquette so one can provide as much or as little as they want. Think the classified section of newspapers except with less abbreviations. You can easily scroll through to see what may take your fancy or whet your appetite. There are also fun, quirky dialogue buttons to send your connections, like Send a Kiss’ or Invite for Coffee’ or even the classic Facebook Send a Poke’. Signing up is easy and free, ensuring that there is a lot of people on the site. Though this is beneficial for casual users you should approach with a little caution as many accounts may not be active. Users that were last active’ as long as five years ago appear in the same category as those that were active yesterday. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the likes of Parship. This website has a very lengthy log-in process before even seeing the people you have the potential to meet. Which has its own strengths and weaknesses. I would only use this service if you are seriously interested in developing a long-lasting relationship from the website as the hurdles to sign-up could take up to an hour of your time due to the intrusive and thoroughness of the questions. These range from your interests to implicit associations of shapes, figures and descriptions of seemingly unrelated images to attempt to determine how your mind works. From this their algorithm calculates a character for you and you receive an info-graph of the compatibility index for those you match with. As such, your chances of meeting someone you have a genuine connection with are vastly increased depending on how much you reveal about yourself to the website. This exhaustive examination of yourself is a commitment but every user of Parship has gone through the same process. My main problem with this website is that you are required pay for a premium membership to see what they look like, so definitely not for casual users.

Mobifriends lies somewhere in between the previous options. It has an accessible homepage and interface where you have the option of adding a profile or if you are only window-shopping you can just add your location, who you are looking for and have a scroll through their pictures and descriptions. As usual, the location service will accurately tell you who is in your area with pictures and an easy to interpret layout. My main issue with this site is that many of the profiles in my current area (Montevideo, Uruguay) for example, have been taken down and are no longer accessible. 

Therefore, the best advice I can give anyone who is in the Spanish market for online dating the best approach is to go in knowing exactly what you want to get out of it and choose your provider appropriately. There are always going to be more options available, but as we already know some people connect more than others and tend to be gravitate to similar ponds. Even though the world of dating can be murky, it is easier if you use one of these compasses. Good luck out there, and don’t forget to have fun because that is what it is all about! 

Publicado en January 18, 2017