Colombian Cupid Opinion - rabia y desilusión

Colombian Cupid - rabia y desilusión


Hi to everybody,

my name is Sergio and I want to describe my experience on

I had been enrolled since 2009, and five or six times, I have made the gold upgrade.

I have personally known various girls since alive to santa marta in colombia.

I have two things to say:

First: be strange as when inscribe yourself with the gold upgrade, about ten and about ten interest they arrived from women from every city but anybody from the city of holy marta!!!

Instead, when I lived to medellin about ten and about ten interest they arrived from women but anybody from the city of medellin!!

For me this is inexplicable still!

Second: Another very negative experience that has made me become rabid a lot of has been that to have to discuss with the administrators of the site that are people of an arrogance, incompetence  and conceitedness unimaginable!

Concisely, I expose that about ten days ago I've, one more time I do the member upgrade gold. I didn't believe that people of this type could administer a site where other people pay for getting some services!

in fact, about ten days ago I've payed again to upgrade my member at gold.

After some days since they didn't arrive to me the notifiches on the box of mail , with which I was enrolled, and I have changed her with another.

From this moment I'm not been able to enter anymore in my account of ColombianCupid .com 

and is initiated a hell lasted 3 days during which, for the anger, I believe to be aged of some years! Obviously will also lose your money!!
So be careful , if you have a problem , know that you will not receive any assistance worthy of the name , even if the problem is caused by their website!


Virtudes :

ni el cliente no es tutelado!!

Sergio NO recomienda Colombian Cupid no a amigos/conocidos

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